U3A Reykjavik was founded by Ingibjorg R. Gudlaugsdottir´s iniciative in 2012 and is located in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Reykjavik has about 121.000 inhabitants which is around 40% of the population of Iceland of 330.000 people.

U3A Reykjavík is an Association of people who are no longer in employment or who are considering leaving the labour market. U3A Reykjavik offers a various forms of learning and dissemiation of knowlegde. There are no requirements for participating and no tests are taken. U3A Reykjavík is a part of the international movement of U3A´s founded many decades ago and has since then spread to 30-40 countries all over the world.

U3A Reykjavík´s members are 283 as of March 2016 but almost 300 additionally are on the mailing list giving people the opportunity participate in courses and other activities without becoming a member. By being on the list one might want to become a member later on.

U3A Reykjavik conducts a range of activities. Lectures, courses, visits to institutions and firms, study trips and groups with subjects as literature, cinema, gymnastics/taichi laughterjoga, elocution, lifestories and topographical names in the Reykjavik area. Lectures and courses take place weekly on Tuesdays, visits on Thursdays and study trips normally on Saturdays. The groups meet during weekdays. There has been a steady growth in the number of events during the three years since U3A Reykjavik was founded in 2012. May 2015 we experienced our first visit from U3A abroad, the Uppsala Senioruniversitetet. The biggest task up to now, however is the European Erasmus+ project BALL, carried out in cooperation with U3A colleagues in Alicante and Lublin and the Icelandic company Evris ( www.ball-project.eu ). The project is in its final steps by now and the findings will be presented at a conference in Reykjavik September 14th. 2016.

U3A Reykjavik is a forum for active people meeting and educating themselves and each other through lectures and interactive activities. The free form of the organization is a great asset for active people in their third age, retired or approaching retirement.

The third age is the age of freedom and opportunities. U3A is an excellent way to enjoy this period of life being an open and informal forum for education and exchanges.

Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson chairman  

U3A | Hæðargarður 31, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland | sími: 561 7797 |  u3areykjavik@u3a.is